Horse training

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Horse training

Everyone feels at home at the Gösmeier stables, whether beginners, experienced amateurs, or professional riders. Of course, this means that we need to offer an extremely wide range of training activities we offer for both horse and rider – from riding lessons for all performance classes to professional training for successful sporting performance.Our horse and rider training is structured according to the classical principles of equestrianism.  
Hermann Gösmeier is an internationally successful dressage rider, who has been training young riders for many years and preparing them to take part in sporting activities all the way up to international level. We regularly have guests from abroad, and they and their horses benefit greatly from this period of intensive training at our facilities. Hermann Gösmeier’s own successes, but also those of people he has trained, speak for themselves: his pupils from Germany and further afield have achieved success in German, Belgian, and Austrian championships as well as in European championships. 


  • riding lessons for all performance classes
  • full and part Comanche
  • seat training for the rider
  • video analysis
  • Tournament preparation
  • Tournament accompaiment