Correct management of horse and rider

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Correct management of horse and rider

Hermann Gösmeier can look back on a long and active career in dressage. He benefited from the schooling of several well-known trainers, such as Harry Boldt, Rainer Klimke and Siegfried Peilike. As a successful trainer, he enjoys passing on his knowledge to others as he prepares them for participating in equestrian Grand Prix competitions.
His daughter Bea is similarly well qualified and works professionally on a daily basis with both rider and horse. She has ridden at Grand Prix level and has won the Golden Riding Award. She has also completed a degree in osteopathy. When she assesses a rider, she also takes the medical aspects into account. Where necessary, she performs osteopathic and physiotherapeutic examinations and conducts seat training with the rider. Together, father and daughter offer a full range of teaching and rider health management activities.
Dr. med. vet. Ina Gösmeier is the person to go to when it comes to health matters concerning the horses. It is of inestimable value that management of both horse and rider can be provided at one and the same place, ensuring optimum care for both. 


  • training und education of riders and horses
  • ostepathic treatments of riders 
  • osteopathic, akupunkture & TCM for horses